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Dinner Menu

$66.99 Unlimited Rodizio | Served 4PM - 11PM Daily

Carnes de rodizio | Rodizio meats

Picanha Nobre (Noble Top Sirloin)

Lombo Com Alho (Garlic Sirloin)

Frango Enrolado Com Bacon (Bacon Wrapped Chicken)

Linguiça De Porco (Pork Sausage)

Coxa De Frango (Chicken Leg)

Presunto (Ham)

Lombo De Porco (Pork Loin)
Linguiça De Frango e Maçã (Chicken & Apple Sausage)

Maminha De Alcatra (Beef Tri-Tip)

Picanha Apimentada (Spicy Noble Top Sirloin)

Cordeiro (Lamb)

Picanha apimentada (Spicy picanha)
Filé apimentado (Spicy beef filet)

Coxa de frango frito (Fried Chicken Leg)

Filet enrolado com bacon (Bacon wrapped filet)

Market Table & Hot Side Bar

Endless servings of salads, a variety of dressings & condiments, roasted vegetables, imported & domestic cheeses, charcuterie, and seasonal items.

Hot bar includes soups, garlic rice, vegetables, feijoada (black bean stew), farofa, plantains, pão de queijo (Brazilian cheese breads), and seasonal items.

Select sides, salads, and soups are available a la carte or for takeout. Ask your server for more details.

Market table & Hot side bar Only: $36.99


Rodizio Accompaniments 

Cauda de Lagosta (Lobster Tail) $29.99 
Grilled to perfection and served with clarified butter and grilled lemon
Salmão Grelhado (Grilled Salmon) $29.99 
Grilled and served with Malagueta Sauce
Camarão frito (Fried shrimp) $19.99 
One dozen Panko breaded tail-on shrimp. Served with lemon and a side of cocktail sauce
Coqutel do Camarao (Shrimp Cocktail) $9.99 
Poached and chilled in-house. Served with a side of cocktail sauce and lemon
Abacaxi (Pineapple) $7.99 
A delectable enhancement to your Rodizio. Sprinkled with
Cinnamon & Cane Sugar

Cogumelos Cremini (Cremini Mushrooms) $9.99 
A perfect way to top off your meat Rodizio. Sauteed with fresh garlic butter and herbs
Grilled Vegetable Skewer $16.99 
An assortment of fresh vegetables (Roma Tomatoes, Squash, Peppers, Mushrooms) seasoned and grilled
Moqueca  Mexilhoes $19.99 
Hearty bowl of Mussels In rich tomato and coconut milk stew served with garlic bread 

Costella (Barbecue Ribs) 

Half-Rack $29.99 | Full Rack $39.99
Hardwood Smoked Ribs. Served with Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce, fries and coleslaw  

Peito Bovino (Beef Brisket) $36.99

Hickory smoked Beef Brisket. Served with Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce, fries & coleslaw.

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