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Meet the meats!


Our meats are all hand-carved, cooked over an open flame,

expertly seasoned and carved table-side for the freshest

taste possible. Check out our current options below!

                                                                                                                              * Only available during dinner service



The prized cut of beef in Brazilian churrasco, picanha is the top sirloin cap. It's known for its intense flavor, tender texture and juiciness.

Picanha nobre
Noble top sirlion


Sirloin is a delicious cut, with a firm and lean texture. We season it liberally with garlic during our fire-cooking to bring sirloin to the next level.

Lombo com Alho
Garlic Sirloin


German immigration to to Brazil in the 19th century brought sausage making techniques to the Pampas region. The result are delicious, like our juicy and flavorful pork sausages.

Linguiça De porco
Pork sausage


Our delicious chicken legs are perfectly seasoned and served incredibly juicy. It's everything you want when you're craving dark meat Gaucho-style.

Coxa de frango
Chicken leg


This isn't your lunch meat ham! We cook our hams over an open flame and lock in the natural juicyness of the pork.



Our chicken is already a tasty bite of white meat. Wrapped in bacon and cooked over fire, it takes on new flavors from the "other white meat".

Frango com Bacon
Bacon-wrapped chicken


Our pork loin has a naturally lean, slighly sweet and utterly delicious flavor. When prepared by our seasoned chefs, those natural flavors get to shine.

Lombo de porco
Pork loin


One of the greatest cuts in Gaucho cuisine, our tri-tip is salty, fatty, soft, and oh so meaty. It's the star of our dinner menu and arguably all of churrasco.

Maminda de Alcatra
Beef tri-tip


Bacon. Wrap it around a succulent beef filet, cook it over an open flame til both meats are joined in wonderful harmony. Did we mention bacon?

File com Bacon
Bacon-wrapped beef filet


Picanha is already a delicious cut, and our chefs took it to the next level with a hand-crafted pepper and spice blend. If you like heat, our spicy picanha is here!

Picanha Apimentada
Spicy picanha


Our delicious pork sausages are made with a mix of garlic and spices, and a thin casing means you get a juicy link that snaps in your mouth.

Linguiça de Frango
Chicken & apple sausage


Our lamb has a rich and deep flavor unlike any other cut. We're known for our beef, but lamb picanha is a rarity even in churrascarias so we are proud to showcase it.

Picanha de Cordeiro
Lamb top sirloin


Our sirloin beef filet is expertly cut and deliciously cooked. Now we're adding a spicy variety with a hand-crafted blend of peppers and spices, exclusively on our dinner menu.

Filé Apimentado
Spicy beef filet


Our chicken legs are large, juicy and delicious. We decided to do... a little more. So we deep-fry them for a crispy exterior and a juicy interior. Try it!

Coxa de Frango Frito
Fried chicken leg

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